Black woman's legs in the sand with Palmer's Cocoa Butter Lotion and Body Oil, perfect items for your summer skin care routine

Summer Skin Care Prep & Undoing Winter Skin Damage

Summer is a time for sun, sea, and sand, and after a harsh winter wrapped in layers, we welcome the warmer weather and a chance to show off our skin. The cold temps and dry air of winter can cause winter skin damage that can leave your skin dry, flaky and dull looking. Now is the time to focus on your summer skin care routine and finding the best products to keep your skin moisturized in the summer. Using natural ingredients, like cocoa butter, can keep your skin deeply moisturized and healthy looking so you’ll want to show it off all summer. Read on for summer skin care products and tips to keep your skin healthy in the summer.


1. Summer Skin Care Must: Daily Hydration

The cornerstone of any summer skincare routine is hydration. Whether it is through what you are eating or drinking or what you put on your skin, it is important to stay hydrated through the summer (and the rest of the year!). Sun, heat, ocean and pool water and air conditioners can all strip your skin of its natural moisture, leaving it dry and flaky. So instead of trying to find how to restore natural oils in your skin after the fact, focus on keeping your skin hydrated and not losing the oils. Using a rich moisturizer on a daily basis, like Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula Body Lotion, is the best first step to defeating dry skin in summer. This luxuriously rich all-over-body lotion, often thought of for skin problems in winter, is enriched with pure cocoa butter and Vitamin E, which deeply moisturizes and nourishes the skin with moisture that lasts 48 hours, making it a must have in your summer skin care rotation. Apply it daily after your shower to lock in moisture and keep your skin smooth and supple. Not only does this rich formula provide deep moisture all summer but using it year round will help prepare skin for summer next year and help prevent winter skin damage. A must have in both your winter skin care and summer skin care routines!

2. Scrub Away Dry Skin in Summer

Exfoliation is key to maintaining smooth, radiant skin in the summer making a body scrub another essential in your summer skin care arsenal. One of our best tips for glowing skin this summer is to create your own DIY body scrub! We recommend using an extra moisturizing base like the Cocoa Butter Jar and mixing in either granulated sugar or sea salt. Not only will this nourishing scrub help diminish signs of winter skin damage, but it’ll remove dead dry skin cells to reveal fresh, glowing skin underneath, while also helping to deeply moisturize so you can defend against itchy skin during the summer.

Pro Summer Skin Care Tip: Use your body scrub before shaving to help remove dead skin cells for a closer shave that leaves your skin smoother for longer.

Fingers scooping product out of Palmer's Cocoa Butter Jar as part of summer skin care routine

3. After-Sun Summer Skin Care

Even with the best sun protection, your skin can still suffer from the effects of the sun – dehydration and irritation being the most common. After a day in the sun, soothe and nourish your skin with Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula Moisturizing Body Oil. This rich oil is blends natural oils and butters including cocoa butter, vitamin E and sunflower, safflower and sesame oils to naturally nourish skin and replenish your skin’s moisture balance. So, if you are looking for how to take care of skin in the summer naturally, look no further than the Moisturizing Body Oil. As an added bonus- it’ll leave your skin with an enviable glow!

4. Target Imperfections with a Skin Perfecting Oil

While it may not seem like it, no one’s skin is perfect. Imperfections like scars, stretch marks and damaged skin can be caused by things like injuries, post-acne scarring and winter skin damage. While some may embrace these imperfections, they can leave others feeling insecure or with a desire to improve them. If you fall in the second category (or even if you don’t!), you should add Palmer’s Skin Therapy Oil to your summer skin care routine. This skin perfecting oil is lightweight, yet powerful in helping to improve the appearance of scars, stretch marks and damaged skin, while also providing moisture. It blends cocoa butter, Vitamin E and natural oils to minimize the appearance of imperfections, so you can show off your skin confidently all summer.

Using the Skin Therapy Oil all year will help prepare your skin for the summer while also alleviating potential winter skin damage by keeping your skin hydrated and more resilient.

Concerned using an oil on oily skin in the summer will leave you feeling like an oil slick? Don’t worry – the Skin Therapy Oil is a non-comedogenic and a dry oil, so you won’t have any of that heavy or greasy feeling after application.


5. Keep Lips Soft & Smooth All Summer


Don't forget about your lips, which can easily become dry and chapped in the summer heat. Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula Swivel Stick is a convenient, on-the-go solution for keeping your lips soft and hydrated – a summer skin care must have in your beach bag. Enriched with cocoa butter and Vitamin E, this portable balm provides long-lasting moisture for dry skin in summer. Its large size and swivel mechanism make it easy to apply on lips or any dry skin patches throughout the day. The perfect way to keep your skin moisturized in the summer when you are always on the go.


Woman mixing Palmer's Cocoa Butter Lotion and Body Oil in hand as part of summer skin care routine

With the right summer skin skincare routine, summer can be a time of beautiful, glowing skin. Whether you are trying to alleviate winter skin damage caused by dry skin in winter or looking for tips to keep your skin healthy and glowing in summer, look no further than Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula collection. Blending naturally nourishing and hydrating ingredients with cocoa butter and vitamin E, this collection will help prepare your skin for summer and keep you from experiencing dry skin in summer. Remember, consistency is key, so make these steps a regular part of your summer skin care routine to achieve the best results. So, add Palmer’s Cocoa Butter to your summer skin care products and go show off your glow.


Check out the entire Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula collection and find your must have summer skin care products to add to your summer skin care routine this year.