Frequently Asked Questions

Olive Oil Formula®

Are these products for all hair types?
Olive Oil Formula products are beneficial for all hair types, however Olive Hairdress and Gro Therapy are items specifically formulated for dry, coarse hair that needs special attention and moisture.
How often should I use the Hot Oil Treatment?
While the Replenishing Conditioner can be used daily after shampooing, the Hot Oil Treatment is ideal as a once or twice a week super-boost for drier hair with more signs of damage.
Which products are leave-in and which should be rinsed out?
Palmer's Olive Oil Formula Gro Therapy and Olive Hairdress condition hair, but are meant to be left on the hair/scalp until the next shampoo. Olive Oil Formula Replenishing Conditioner and Deep Conditioner are in-shower conditioning treatment to be used on shampooed hair while still wet, to be rinsed out within several minutes of application.
How is the Olive Oil Formula lotion different than the Cocoa Butter Formula lotion?
While all of our lotions are superior moisturizers, they have slight differences in feel and the benefits they offer. Cocoa Butter is a rich, creamy concentrated formula that is great for smoothing marks, scars and evening skin tone in addition to moisturizing. Olive Butter, while also an excellend moisturizer, is a luxuriously silky formula loaded with antioxdiants for healthy, younger-looking skin.