Black woman dipping her fingers into the Palmer's Cocoa Butter Jar for one of the many cocoa butter uses and beauty hacks

From 0 to 101: Cocoa Butter Uses and Beauty Hacks Galore

If you’re like us, you are constantly asking “How do I hack my daily makeup and skin care routine?”. We can never get enough beauty hacks and we love when you can find multiple beauty hacks for face, body and beyond from one single product. Let us introduce the Cocoa Butter Original Solid Jar. Blending pure Cocoa Butter and Vitamin E, this rich balm isn’t only for moisturizing; it's a versatile beauty powerhouse that can introduce you to many cocoa butter uses and beauty hacks that you may never have thought of. Get ready for some fun and fabulous beauty hacks that actually work, including a special one for your lipstick, that will leave you glowing from head to toe!


Cocoa Butter Beauty Hack #1: Makeup Remover Marvel


One of our favorite beauty hacks for face is creating a cocoa butter makeup remover. It’s as simple as adding a small amount of the cocoa butter on a cotton pad and swiping away makeup - including that non-smudging mascara and lip stain that just won’t budge with your regular cleanser.  Not only does it effectively remove even the most stubborn products, but it also leaves your skin feeling nourished and hydrated. Also, cocoa butter is gentle making it one of the best ways to remove makeup for sensitive skin.

Black woman using the Cocoa Butter Jar as a makeup remover, one of the many cocoa butter uses and beauty hacks

Cocoa Butter Use Bonus: The Cocoa Butter Jar is water free, making it ideal for use as a makeup remover while traveling. So while you may already know how to remove makeup at home, know you have a secret for removing makeup and keeping skin moisturized while traveling. Say bye bye to parched airplane skin!


Cocoa Butter Beauty Hack #2: Cuticle Care Sensation


Make dry cuticles a thing of the past with this cocoa butter for cuticles hack! The Original Solid Jar is not just for your face; it’s the best way how to soften cuticles naturally. Massage a small amount onto your cuticles after washing hands to hydrate and soften cuticles at home. The rich formula will leave your nails looking shiny and salon-worthy.


Cocoa Butter Use Bonus: Cold air and hand washing can lead to dry skin that leaves fingers cracked and painful. Our favorite beauty hack when this happens is an overnight hand mask using the Cocoa Butter Jar to deeply moisturize and heal dry skin.


Cocoa Butter Beauty Hack #3: DIY Cream Blush Delight


Creating a bespoke blush has never been easier with this cocoa butter cream blush recipe! Mix a small amount of your favorite powdered blush with a pea-sized amount of the Solid Jar, and voila – you've got a creamy, blendable blush that adds a natural flush to your cheeks. Apply with your fingers for a seamless finish that lasts all day. Try mixing a couple of colors together for your perfect custom DIY cream blush.

Woman creating a DIY blush using the Cocoa Butter Jar, one of its many beauty hacks and cocoa butter uses

Cocoa Butter Use Bonus: Custom blush isn’t the only makeup beauty hack that you can create with the Solid Jar. Try swapping the blush out for eyeshadow or highlighter to give your favorite colors a whole new life. It’s the perfect way to save that broken powder shadow, blush or highlighter!


Cocoa Butter Beauty Hack #4: Decadent DIY Face Mask


There’s no better at-home spa day beauty hack than a cocoa butter face mask. Pamper your skin with a luxurious DIY face mask using the Solid Jar. Try this cocoa butter face mask recipe for moisturized, healthier-looking skin: blend a tablespoon of cocoa butter with a teaspoon of honey and a splash of yogurt. Mix well and apply to your face for a hydrating and nourishing treat. Leave it on for 15 minutes, then rinse off to reveal radiant, supple skin.

Woman's finger dipping into Palmer's Cocoa Butter Jar to use in a beauty hack during a spa day

Cocoa Butter Use Bonus: For extra skin pampering and one of our favorite beauty hacks at home, try adding a tablespoon of the Solid Jar to the hot water in your bath during your next at-home spa day for a relaxing and hydrating soak.


Cocoa Butter Beauty Hack #5: Eyelash Glue Disappearing Act


While we love the drama of false eyelashes, removing the glue can be a tiresome affair. Did you know that you can use cocoa butter to remove lashes and glue? Simply apply a small dab of the Solid Jar on lids to loosen the glue. Note that this should only be done on lashes that you plan to throw away.


Cocoa Butter Use Bonus: In the vein of things that are hard to remove - a little known cocoa butter use is to help remove a stuck ring! Simply apply the Solid Jar liberally around the stubborn ring and slowly try to slide the ring off. Once the ring is off, rub the cocoa butter in for softer hands. Win Win!

Black woman putting the Cocoa Butter Jar in her bag to use for beauty hacks on the go

Palmer's Cocoa Butter Original Solid Jar isn't just a moisturizer; it's a beauty multitasker that is exactly what you need for all the best beauty hacks. Now that you know how to use cocoa butter in your every day routine - from removing stubborn makeup to softening cuticles and a DIY custom blush - the possibilities are endless! So, go ahead and let the magic of cocoa butter transform your beauty routine. Your skin will thank you.


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