Frequently Asked Questions


Is your Palmer's Botanicals line safe to use during pregnancy?
Yes, our products are safe, effective and recommended for use during pregnancy. Palmer's Botanicals products help improve the appeance of stretch marks while keeping skin soft and tone while your belly expands. As indicated, if you experience any kind of adverse reaction, discontinue use and seek medical attention immediately.
How often should I use your products to help improve the appearance of stretch marks?
We recommend that you use our products twice a day, morning and evening, to help keep skin soft and smooth while helping to improve your skin's elasticity. With consistent use, skin stays supple and firm. Palmer's combines only the most proven ingredients to ensure skin looks and feels healthy.
Which formula works best for stretch marks?

The entire Palmer's Botanicals line of products was developed especially to help improve the appearance of stretch marks. You may choose the different formulas to suit your individual preference.

How long does it take to see results?
Stretch marks don't just happen overnight. For this reason, we recommend you begin using our products in your first trimester before you begin to expand. Immediately, you should notice your skin looks smoother and more moisturized. After a few weeks, skin's tone and texture is improved and marks are softened. In time, you'll notice a healthier look.