Coconut Oil Formula Products

Moisture Boost 2 Step Mask

2x .5 fl oz


  • 2 Step Mask Treatment in just 5 minutes for long-lasting results
  • Step 1: Deep conditioning mask that hydrates and nourishes
  • Step 2: Protective glaze to shield and seal the cuticle
  • Locks in long-lasting moisture
  • Created for all curl patterns and textures
  • No parabens, phthalates, mineral oil, gluten or dyes
  • For healthier looking hair, use the entire Palmer's Coconut Oil Formula Moisture Boost system
  • Committed to responsible sourcing


Palmer's® Coconut Oil Formula Moisture Boost system restores hair experiencing dryness or damage with natural reparatives that instantly and deeply lock in moisture from root to tip, visibly improving your hair’s condition after each use.

This 2 Step Moisture Treatment, seals in long lasting hydration and visibly improves hair after each use:

STEP 1: Hydrating deep treatment for
incredible moisture, softness and shine

STEP 2: Glaze: Protects and seals strands
preventing dryness and damage

Coconut Oil: Contains fatty acids that quickly and deeply absorb into the hair strands, adding and sealing in moisture to keep hair shiny and manageable.

Our formula contains ethically and sustainably sourced raw, extra virgin coconut oil.

Polynesian Tiaré Tahiti flowers soaked in coconut oil increase moisture and restore elasticity, while imparting an indulgent tropical, delicate scent.

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