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Cocoa Butter Formula

Eventone Night Fade Treatment

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Visibly reduce discoloration, the #1 sign of aging, with Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula Eventone Night Fade Treatment. An advanced blend of our Tone Enhancing Complex fades unwanted discoloration, dark spots or age spots caused by sun damage, aging skin or scarring. Our rich, nourishing night cream deeply moisturizes and replenishes skin while you sleep. The result is a bright, balanced complexion.


  • 91% of women saw Faded Discoloration,
  • 90% Evened Skin Tone,
  • 92% Lightened Dark Spots,
  • 95% Moisturized Skin,
  • 87% Made Skin Look and Feel Younger,
  • 83% Improved Firmness,
  • 88% Balanced Tone and Texture

Cocoa Butter: smoothes marks and scars

Synovea: improves age spots

Soy: restores skin's luminosity

Niacinamide: targets unwanted discoloration

Vitamin C: naturally brightens complexion

Licorice Extract: balances tone and texture

Peptide Complex: helps firm and support skin structure

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