Palmer's Coconut Oil Hair & Scalp Oil being sprayed on box braids with curls

Protective styles: Box Braids with Curls

Looking for ways to keep curls healthy and free from frizz? Look no further than box braids with curls. Wearing your hair in a protective hairstyle keeps your curls in tip-top shape, but if you choose to combine box braids with curly hair, what's the best way to care for them?


Whether you have short box braids with curly ends, knotless box braids with curly ends, or jumbo box braids with curls, styling products for box braids with curls that include hydrating and nourishing ingredients like coconut oil not only keep your protective hairstyle in place but ensure your scalp stays healthy and reduces the risk of breakage or damage while your wear curly box braids hairstyles. 


Before Styling Short Curly Box Braids

You'll want to take some steps to give your hair some extra TLC before putting it into small box braids with curly ends or other curly box braids hairstyles. To give your box braids with curls the best start, use styling products with coconut oil that drench your 'do with moisture to keep strands hydrated and healthy while you enjoy small box braids with curls.


Some standout products to use after you wash and condition to prepare your hair for box braids with curls include a deep conditioning protein pack that drenches hair in moisture to restore dry and damaged hair, protect your curls from future damage and split ends, while keeping hair soft and manageable and increasing hair strength while you wear your protective box braids with curly hair.

Palmer's Coconut Oil Protein Packs, for nourishing box braids with curls, in a pile

Another option to try to nourish hair with deeply moisturizing coconut oil to healthy-looking and feeling moisture is a hydrating leave-in conditioner. Improving comb-through and manageability and instantly detangling, this creamy conditioner prepares your hair for perfect knotless box braids with curly ends. 


Washing Box Braids with Curls

Once you've pre-gamed your hair for curly box braids hairstyles, you'll need to use gentle cleansing products to wash your jumbo box braids with curls. You may only want to wash your short box braids with curly ends once or twice a month, or you can wash them once a week. 


Whenever you wash your box braids with curly hair, opt for coconut oil products that continually hydrate hair and repair strands while protecting your box braids with curls to keep your style looking just as perfect as it did on day one. 


Use a moisture boost shampoo that won't strip hair because it uses gentle ingredients without harsh chemicals to remove buildup safely while repairing breakage and hydrating hair to keep your box braids with curls from frizzing and splitting.

Ideal for cleansing box braids with curls, Palmer's Coconut Oil Shampoo and Conditioner on vanity

Follow that up with a moisture boost conditioner to lock in the moisture and keep your hair soft, silky, healthy, and damage-free.

Scalp Care for Big Box Braids With Curls

One of the most important elements of caring for small box braids with curly ends and other types of curly box braids hairstyles is maintaining a healthy scalp. To do this, coconut oil comes to the rescue with a moisturizing hair and scalp oil that you can use in between washes to keep your scalp healthy and hydrated when you're sporting box braids with curls. The lightweight oil is gentle enough for daily use.

Smiling Black woman with box braids with curls holding a Palmer's Coconut Oil Hair & Scalp Oil


Refresh and Hydrate Medium Box Braids With Curly Ends

A root spray uses the natural power of coconut oil and peppermint to hydrate and refresh hair and scalp without weighing down your box braids with curls. This refreshing spray is perfect for relieving itch and prolonging protective styles when you wear your hair in short box braids with curly ends.


Maintaining box braids with curls is easy with Palmer’s Coconut Oil Hair Care, and this protective hairstyle is a great way to help hair grow without compromising hydration and strength. Check out Palmer’s full hair care range for the perfect products from shampoos to stylers to keep your hair looking and feeling healthy, no matter what style you choose.