Hand grabbing Palmer's Hemp Oil Calming Relief Body Lotion to moisturize and care for dry skin in the winter

Moisturizing Dry Skin During Winter with Hemp Oil

The dry, harsh, and cold winter weather doesn't do sensitive skin any favors. Most women are on the hunt every year for just the right product to protect, treat, and relieve dry, chapped, and cracked hands in winter. 

Fortunately, you don't have to suffer from dry skin during the winter. Hemp lotion for dry skin is made from skin-friendly, all-natural ingredients, so it's a soothing alternative to other types of hand creams and lotions. 

Read on for more suggestions for how treating dry skin in winter naturally and why hemp lotion for dry skin is a great option.


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How to Take Care of Dry Skin in Winter 

There are few things worse than dry, chapped, and cracked hands in winter. The cracks can become scaly and rough, and your skin may even bleed and itch. Avoid getting to that point by being proactive. 

Begin winter hands treatment right as temperatures drop so you can avoid the worst of dry winter hands. Take this advice when it comes to how to take care of dry skin in winter. 

  • Keep your hands moisturized. Experts recommend using hemp lotion for dry skin.
  • Avoid washing your hands too frequently; this can cause winter cracked hands.
  • Wear gloves to protect your skin when you are out.
  • Add a thick layer of lotion to your hands before you sleep.

Why Use Hemp Lotion for Dry Skin?

There's a simple solution for eliminating dry, chapped, and cracked hands in winter. When choosing the right moisturizer for dry skin in winter, studies have shown that hemp lotion is good for skin. You may have heard of hemp, but you're not sure exactly what it is. Hemp is essentially the oil from hemp seeds. Hemp seed oil for dry skinhas many benefits. It's completely natural, so it won't aggravate tender or sensitive skin.  

Hemp oil skin moisturizer combines hemp oil with rich, thick cocoa butter to create a dreamy combination of ultra-hydrating moisturizer. Clinically proven results have shown that hemp lotion for dry skin can combat dry, chapped, and cracked hands in winter and reduce the irritation caused by eczema, keep skin supple and nourished, and get rid of scales, itchiness, and redness. 


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When you're worried about how to take care of dry skin in winter, hemp seed oil for dry skin offers proven results.


How to Use Hemp Lotion to Moisturize and Take Care of Dry Skin in the Winter

There are two different formulations of hemp oil skin moisturizer you can use to alleviate the pain and suffering of dry, chapped, and cracked hands in winter. Try hemp seed oil as a moisturizer for dry skin in winter, such as Palmer's Hemp Oil Calming Relief Body Oil. This lightweight formula offers 48 hours of hydration and moisture even when you're out in the chilly weather. It calms and soothes skin and helps treat dry hands in winter. 


Palmer's Hemp Oil Calming Relief Body Lotion and Body Oil for moisturizing dry skin during winter being applied to legs


Another formulation of winter skincare for dry skin is to try the best lotion for dry hands in winter, Palmer's Hemp Oil Calming Relief Body Lotion. This works wonders for dry skin during winter, especially dry, chapped, and cracked hands. The lotion formula offers 24 hours of hydration and eliminates irritation. 

Don't wait until you're already suffering from dry, chapped, and cracked hands this winter; look to Palmer's hemp products to find out which hemp solution is the best hand cream for your winter dry hands!