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Hair Care 101: Hair Bonding Treatments

If you have ever struggled with severely damaged hair and thought that there was no hope in restoring your healthy hair to its best, you aren’t alone. Over 80% of people worldwide perceive that they have hair damage. The better news, there is now the perfect solution to transform your damaged hair and repair the wear. The answer lies in hair bonding treatments. So, let’s dive in and answer your questions like “Who should use a hair bonding treatment?” and “How do hair bond repair treatments work?” and introduce you to the best hair bonding treatments.


Understanding Hair Bonding Treatments

Understanding what a hair bonding treatment is can help you understand if you need to use hair bonding products. Bonded hair treatments are ultra-reparative hair care products that help undo the severe hair damage that can be caused in your everyday life from things like harsh chemicals, heat styling, environmental stressors, diet, and neglect. So, how do you know if your hair is severely damaged?  Easy! Severely damaged hair quickly becomes dry, dull, fragile, breaks easily & tangles and changes texture. If this sounds like your hair symptoms or concerns, chances are your hair is severely damaged. So “How do hair bond repairing treatments work?” you may be asking? Bonding treatments for damaged hair transform damaged hair bonds from the inside out the inside out by penetrating to the hair’s cortex, helping to support the keratin structure, and reinforcing the damaged hair bonds, undoing all breakage and split ends in curly hair, straight hair, and every hair texture in between for hair that is smoother, shinier, and more resilient.


The Science Behind Palmer's Amino Bonding Complex

When looking for the best hair bonding products, look no further than Palmer’s. The innovative new Coconut Oil Formula Amino Bonding Complex system harnesses the power of natural ingredients including Arginine Amino Acids, Biotin and Collagen – ABC Power to target weakened or damaged hair bonds from the inside out. At a molecular level, this ultra-reparative technology helps to reduce breakage by 94%, protect growing hair and increase shine by 119%. This natural & targeted approach sets Palmer’s Amino Bonding Complex hair bonding system apart, offering a deep and lasting solution to severe hair damage. The result is not just superficial improvement, but a fundamental transformation that enhances the overall health of your hair.

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Key Features of Palmer's Amino Bonding Complex Hair Bonding Treatments:

1. Proprietary Multi-Action Bond Building Technology:

Palmer's Amino Bonding Complex hair bonding treatments are fueled naturally by ABCs - Arginine Amino Acids, Biotin & Collagen. These bonding treatments for damaged hair penetrate deep into the hair’s cortex to help support the keratin structure, increase elasticity and restoring hair bonds that have been damaged by harsh chemicals, styling, and the environment. With the best hair bonding system, hair becomes stronger, shinier, and softer, while maintaining hydration and minimizing further damage with each use.


2. Suitable for All Hair Types:

While you may want to improve curly hair, all hair types are susceptible to damage. Whether you have straight, curly, wavy, or coily hair, Palmer's Amino Bonding Complex is designed to work for your hair type, texture, and porosity level. The versatility of this hair bonding treatment system makes it a go-to solution for a wide range of individuals seeking hair restoration and beautiful healthy hair.


3. Color Protection:

For those who love to experiment with hair color, the Amino Bonding Complex Collection offers added benefits. The hair bonding treatment system helps preserve color vibrancy by fortifying the hair strands and preventing color molecules from escaping, so whether you are going lighter or darker, this hair bonder for bleach and color is a must-have in your hair coloring arsenal.


How to Use Palmer's Amino Bonding Complex Collection:


1. Bonding Healing Oil

This concentrated hair bonding oil helps to heal, strengthen, and minimize breakage & frizz. It also provides on-going protection, including heat protection from styling tools up to 450° F making this bonding oil for hair perfect for daily use, in between wash days or as needed to add hydration, mega shine and/or to smooth fly aways and split ends.

Palmer's Amino Bonding Complex Bonding Healing Oil, a bonding hair treatment, on white tiled shower ledge


2. Bonding Conditioning Masque

A hair mask is a must-have in anyone’s self-care arsenal, but this hair mask for damaged hair will take your wash day up a level. Comb the Bonding Conditioning Masque through wet hair after shampooing and leave on for 5 to 10 minutes before rinsing thoroughly. The concentrated, creamy bonding mask penetrates quickly and deeply, instantly detangling, nourishing and sealing in hydration. Use this hair bonding treatment once a week to reverse severe damage and ongoing lasting protection.

Palmer's Amino Bonding Complex Bonding Conditioning Masque, a hair bonding treatment, on white tiled shower shelf


3. Bonding Hair Gloss

Is beautifully glossy hair your dream? Make your dream a reality with the Bonding Hair Gloss. Simply spray this lightweight gloss from root to tip after shampooing and conditioning and wait 3-5 minutes while this hair bonding treatment works its magic.

Want even more shine? Blend 2 pumps of the Bonding Healing Oil into the Gloss and saturate hair with the mixture before covering your hair with a plastic cap. Sit under a hooded dryer for 15 minutes before rinsing completely. You’ll thank us for this best bonding treatment for curly hair tip when you’re getting compliments all day on your shinier, healthier than ever hair.

Palmer's Amino Bonding Complex Bonding Hair Gloss, a bonding hair treatment, on tiled bathroom shelf


4. Bonding Leave-In Treatment

Keep your hair hydrated, shiny and soft every day with the Bonding Leave-In Treatment. This daily bonded hair treatment deeply conditions, strengthens and renews from the inside out while instantly detangling hair so you can bypass the breakage-inducing tugging on tangled hair. Apply this hair bonding leave-in treatment before heat styling to protect strands from styling tools up to 450º.

Palmer's Amino Bonding Complex Bonding Leave-In Treatment, a hair bonding treatment, on a white tiled shower ledge


Palmer’s Coconut Oil Formula Amino Bonding Complex system brings home what you thought you could only get at a salon - the best hair bonding treatment for damaged hair. With naturally powered hair bonding technology, this collection will go beyond surface level improvements to repair your hair from the inside-out. So, stop asking “Who should use a hair bonding treatment?” and embrace the power of the ABCs to say goodbye to your dull, dry, damaged hair and hello to hydrated, healthier and shinier hair once and for all with the best bonding hair treatment for all hair types – Palmer’s Amino Bonding Complex. 

Check out Palmer’s entire Coconut Oil Formula collection for everything you need for healthier-looking hair from shampoo to style.