How To Even Out Skin Tone

If you’ve ever searched for “How do you treat skin discoloration?”, “How to get even skin tone on my face?”, or “What does an age spot look like?” then it’s likely your end goal is to even out your skin tone. Read on for tips and troubleshooting for your uneven skin issues.


How to Even Out Skin Tone on Your Face

An effective routine to even out skin tone starts with identifying your skin type —oily, dry, normal or a combination— and seeking out products that are formulated to work on your skin type for both your morning and evening routines.


A good skin care routine to fade skin discoloration on your face and on neck has multiple steps:

  1. The best treatment for dark spots on your face starts with your cleanser. Using a cleansing bar that balances and brightens your complexion while cleansing helps create an ideal surface for the next steps in your regimen.
  2. The next step in your routine to fade dark spots on skin is to apply to a dark spot corrector serum to help fade dark spots, age spots, sun damage and discoloration.
  3. The third step in your even skin tone face routine is applying a fade cream. You can choose one based on your skin type – whether it is normal, oily or dry – to ensure that you are getting the maximum benefits to fade skin discoloration on your face, as well as caring for your skin. Your fade cream will effectively correct dark spots and even out skin tone. Using a fade cream with retinol will also help even out fine lines.
  4. When applying your skin care products in the morning, it is important to end with a product that contains at least SPF 15 to protect skin from re-darkening.

 Palmer's Skin Success Ant-Dark Spot Face Care regimen for dark spots on skin


How to Even Out Skin Tone on Your Body

Uneven skin tone and dark spots is not just limited to the face. Just because you have age spots on your hands or skin discoloration on your legs doesn’t mean you have to cover it with layers of clothing. Using a fade milk for your body can help improve the appearance of hyperpigmentation on areas like knees, feet, elbows and chest. Again, using a product with SPF protection will help prevent re-darkening.


Palmer's Skin Success Fade Milk for skin discoloration on legs 

How to Even Out Skin Tone and Brighten Dull Skin

Many things can cause a dull complexion and cause you to think “How can I rejuvenate dull skin?” A few tweaks and some pampering time are all you need for a brighter and even skin tone face. Swap out your everyday face cream for a white lily face cream that is clinically proven to improve uneven skin tone in as little as four weeks while brightening your complexion.


Palmer's Skin Success Glow Skin Care to lighten skin naturally


Have a spare 10 minutes? Treat your skin to extra pampering with a face sheet mask. A charcoal sheet mask purifies skin by drawing out pore-clogging impurities and refining pores. How to brighten dull skin? Try a sheet mask that helps balance, brighten and even out skin tone that leaves your complexion luminous with a healthy-looking glow.


Simple tips for common skin tone problems:


Palmer's Skin Success Fade Cream for dark spots on skin


Consistency is key when trying to even out skin tone. Using products like Palmer’s Skin Success range during both your morning and evening skin care routines will help fade dark spots on your skin.