101 Facts, Tips & Hacks

Do you know all the ways that you can use Palmer’s Cocoa Butter?

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101 Facts, Tips & Hacks

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  • FACT 1.Contains superior healing properties
    TIP 2.Helps eczema-prone skin
    HACK 3.Smoothes static from hair or clothing
    FACT 4.Our Cocoa Butter is ethically & sustainably sourced
    TIP 5.Apply post-shower to prevent moisture loss
    HACK 6.Substitutes for shaving cream
    FACT 7.Contains high levels of antioxidants
    TIP 8.Overnight application for skin repair
    HACK 9.Removes residue after waxing
    FACT 10.Palmer's Cocoa Butter is made with plant-based ingredients
    TIP 11.Helps reduce the appearance of marks and scars
    HACK 12.Soothes chapped nose
    FACT 13.Natural remedy for marks, scars & dry skin
    TIP 14.Use as perfume/body scent
    HACK 15.Conditions leather goods
  • FACT 16.Used as currency in ancient civilizations
    TIP 17.Foot mask for overnight hydration
    HACK 18.Conditions & softens pets’ paws
    FACT 19.Contains cocoa mass polyphenols
    TIP 20.Apply before self-tanning for even coverage
    HACK 21.Smoothes eyebrows
    FACT 22.Palmer’s is the #1 Cocoa Butter brand worldwide*
    TIP 23.Apply to shaved or bald head for hydration
    HACK 24.Helps remove shoe scuffs
    FACT 25.West Africa produces about 70% of all cocoa
    TIP 26.Calms itchy or inflamed skin
    HACK 27.Helps get a stuck ring off finger
    FACT 28.Helps reduce inflammation of skin
    TIP 29.Replenishes skin after sun exposure
    HACK 30.Apply to zipper for smooth sliding
  • FACT 31.Contains highly effective Palmer’s Cocoa Bioactive Compoun
    TIP 32.Helps even skin tone
    HACK 33.Stops doors and drawers from squeaking
    FACT 34.Cocoa Butter is rich in healthy fats
    TIP 35.Provides 24 hours of skin moisturization
    HACK 36.Apply to key to help it slide in a lock
    FACT 37.Cocoa Butter melts on contact
    TIP 38.Rub in palms to warm before applying
    HACK 39.Keeps nail polish bottle from drying closed
    FACT 40.Ancient Mayans worshipped a cacao god
    TIP 41.Antioxidants keep skin looking younger
    HACK 42.Apply to teeth to protect from lipstick
    FACT 43.Palmer’s uses Cocoa Butter from Ghana
    TIP 44.Helps improve elasticity and firmness
    HACK 45.Protects hair from hard water in the shower
  • FACT 46.Cocoa Butter is extracted from whole cacao beans
    TIP 47.Use as a hand mask for overnight hydration
    HACK 48.Use as a styling cream to tame frizz
    FACT 49.Cacao has been grown for over 3,000 years
    TIP 50.Soothes wind burned skin
    HACK 51.Protects hair from chlorine
    FACT 52.Raw cacao has a higher antioxidant capacity than green tea
    TIP 53.Smoothes cracked heels
    HACK 54.Mix lotion and oil for a mega-moisturizing treatment
    FACT 55.Each cacao tree yields 20-30 pods per year
    TIP 56.Helps heal & protect tattoos
    HACK 57.Apply before wearing shapewear for easier removal
    FACT 58.Despite its name “butter”, Cocoa Butter is dairy-free
    TIP 59.Removes makeup
    HACK 60.Create a face mask with honey & egg whites
  • FACT 61.Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Jar was introduced in 1975
    TIP 62.Smoothes fly-aways
    HACK 63.Mix with sea salt for body exfoliator
    TIP 64.Substitutes for shaving cream
    HACK 65.Create a cream eyeshadow
    TIP 66.Soothes cracked lips
    HACK 67.Prevents hairline staining when coloring hair
    TIP 68.Helps improve the appearance of fine lines
    HACK 69.Mix with foundation for lighter coverage
    TIP 70.Helps prevent chafing during exercise
    HACK 71.Mix with powder drink mix for lip or cheek stain
    TIP 72.Soothes dermatitis
    HACK 73.Apply lotion a day before shaving to soften hairs
    TIP 74.Helps reduce the appearance of dark spots
    HACK 75.Layer oil & lotion for extra hydration
  • TIP 76.Use as a hand-held balm
    HACK 77.Test the richness of lotion by holding cap-less bottle upside down
    TIP 78.Use for sexy, insta-worthy sheen
    HACK 79.Create a DIY lip scrub with brown sugar
    TIP 80.Add to bath for extra moisture
    HACK 81.Make the perfect natural version of slime
    TIP 82.Use as a massage oil
    HACK 83.Conditions and sets eyebrows
    TIP 84.Apply post-shower to lock-in moisture
    HACK 85.Apply oil to split ends for 30 minutes
    TIP 86.Apply body oil pre-shave to avoid razor burn
    HACK 87.Adds shine to leather
    TIP 88.Gently massage into temples for stress relief
    HACK 89.Apply as a lipstick primer
    TIP 90.Create a foot soak with warm water and oil
  • HACK 91.Apply with bronzer for contouring
    TIP 92.Tame frizz by applying to hair ends
    HACK 93.Remove dried paint from skin
    TIP 94.Softens cuticles
    HACK 95.Apply with highlighter under brows
    TIP 96.Apply oil after spray tan sets to enhance glow
    HACK 97.Apply to hair to enhance shine
    HACK 98.Removes lipstick on fabric
    HACK 99.Apply oil before perfume for longer lasting scent
    HACK 100.Removes sticky residue from glass
    HACK 101.Mix with self-tanner for a hydrated glow

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