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"Palmer's Olive Oil Sheen Spray is awesome. I have long, thick hair that soaks up product. I've tried several sheens and they all weigh my hair down. Palmer's Olive Oil Sheen Spray is light weight, which allows my hair to flow freely while giving it a beautiful shine. Thank You Palmer’s for your awesome products."


"Couple months ago I was shopping at Walmart store and came upon the Palmer's Olive Oil Formula Gro Therapy and decided to try one. The cost was 99cents. Over the years I had difficulties in finding a hair product that makes my hair look and feel good. But this little jar did just that. Thanks."


"The Coconut Oil Shampoo is the best! It smells like my own little paradise!"


"i have the curly hair and i have used the mousse and it so good it shines and softens"


"I never knew about Palmers hair care line, but I watched youtube and found out:) I used Palmers Coconut oil hair milk and it made my hair very soft. I was so impressed with something that I never knew would work for me. Thanks Palmers:)"


"I absolutely love Palmer's Olive Oil Replenshing conditioner. It's one of the best conditioners I've ever used. It detangles my hair making it manageable and feeling silky. It's a great, great product!"


"I have med-thick coarse wavy hair that is dry and damage from coloring. I have tried every shampoo & conditioner on the market, even high end products and nothing has made my hair soft, shiny and healthy. I did some research about the Palmer's line of different shampoos & conditioners, I decided to give the Olive Oil shampoo & conditioner a try. OMG! my hair is so soft & shiny again, thank you Palmer's for saving my hair!"


"My hair was dry damaged and falling out severly. I thought it was due to stress so i was considering cutting it off until I was in a Walmart and saw your hair products, loving your lotion, I decided to try your Coconut Oil Formula shampoo & conditioner. WOW!!! Fast forward 2yrs, my hair has grown more that 3 inches, its shiny and healthy with no split ends. i wear it out more & i get lots of compliments. Your products saved my hair. Thank you!!! "


"I'm using palmer's coconut oil formula replenishing hair milk. since i started using it my hair is no longer dry and it has a nice shine to it... it does not make the hair oily if used in little bits after shower and a bit more after styling only in the ends I recomended "


"I was in a coma last February. I had numerous tests, meds, scans and surgeries. My hair took such a beating and became so unhealthy. I've taken vitamins and supplements, nothing worked. About a month and half ago I was purchasing the coco butter and notice the hair products. Since using it my hair is no longer brittle and breaking. I'm finally able to get some of my length back!!! I can't thank you enough for this product!!"


"I have just completed my first bottle of the Coconut Oil Formula Strong Roots spray and I absolutely love it! I am a fan and will be purchasing a new bottle tomorrow. What I like about the product is that it takes my hair from dry and brittle to shiny and soft after only a few sprays to my hair. And it smells awesome! Oh and it does not leave a greasy residue, it dries in seconds but leaves a nice sheen on the hair all day long. It is a great daily moisturizer."


"I use Palmers Olive Oil Gro Therapy on myself as well as my hair clients. I love it and it made my hair so healthy, shiny and long, I couldnt keep it away from my clients hair. and I promote it every chance I get."


"Hello I have over processed my the past few years I basically fried it was not manageable at all I have natural big curls but now my hair is poofy and straw like I hated I've tried all kinds of products then I decided to palmers coconut milk lotion and now I have about 70% of my curls back I'm so happy this saved my hair and its cheap compare to other hair products. THANKS PALMERS!!!!"


" I must say I love your products (the new Hair Milks).  You now have a customer for life.  As an African American person with dry, curly hair, you have made me and my hair very happy.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.  Thank you for all your great service and products."


" I simply have to let you know how ecstatic I am about your hair products!!! I've been meaning for a few years to try them, and finally I ordered the coconut oil shampoo and conditioner which I follow with a dab of Gro Treatment. For the first time in 20 years my hair is soft, smooth, shiny, feels thick and strong ... I'm totally amazed, after all the many products I've tried, finally I've found the ultimate regime! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!"


"I used to be embarrassed about my weak, breaking hair. Now with Palmer's, I'm proud of my strong, shiny hair."

-Toni G.

"Palmer's Olive Oil Formula revitalized my dry, damaged hair, making it soft and silky-smooth!"

-Kim L.

"My dry, brittle hair used to make me look 10 years older. Palmer's revitalized my hair and keeps everyone guessing my age."

-Kelly B.

" Not only has Palmer’s Coconut Oil Formula given me the strong, shiny hair I’ve always wanted, it smells delicious! "


" The Olive Oil Formula Organi-Gro Deep Conditioner worked miracles on my hair!  Finally there is a product in the market for natural (coarse) black hair.  It made my hair soft to touch! "


"Palmer's Cocoa Butter shampoo is a great product.  I love how soft it makes my hair feel and how soothing the chocolate peppermint fragrance is!"


" It's been one week since I started using Palmer's product. Within that week’s time my natural hair is so beautiful. I have had family members, co-workers and a stranger in the store asking me what are you using in your hair, because it is so beautiful. Those that know me they say, I have not seen your hair that pretty in a long, long time. They tell me whatever you are using please keep using it. And when I tell them that is Palmer's lightweight coconut oil formula, they say, I am on my way to get me some."



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