Hair Success

What makes Hair Success unique?

Hair Success items are specifically formulated for problem hair and address serious hair concerns like breakage and frizz.

But my hair is really frizzy, will this help?

Hair Success is formulated with frizz tamers and conditioners like Vitamin E and Proteins, to seal moisture into the hair and protect it from the damage and breakage, keeping it healthy and looking great.

Are these products for all hair types?

Hair Success products are beneficial for all hair types, however Hair Success Gro Treatment is formulated specifically for dry, coarse hair that needs special attention and moisture.

The product in Gro Treatment seems grainy. Is that normal?

Yes, this a natural property of the Hair Success Gro Treatment.  The intense moisturizers in the formula sometimes form individual particles in the jar.  These particles, however, break down once you rub them into the palm of your hand before applying to the hair.

Is the Gro Treatment Jar a leave-in product?

As a daily conditioner, Hair Success Gro Therapy can be used on dry hair, and can be left on until the next shampoo.  For a more intense deep conditioning treatment, Hair Success Gro Therapy can be applied following shampoo to clean, damp hair.  Using this deep conditioning method, hair should then be wrapped in a hot towel or shower cap for 20 minutes allowing the product to penetrate, and then rinsed out with water.

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